Automotive Marketing Services in Las Vegas, NV

At 4 Square Motor Sports, we’re committed to helping your auto dealership meet its goals. Let us help you expand your reach, attract new customers and close more sales! Through digital and physical automotive marketing in Las Vegas, NV, as well as event staffing and training, we help our clients outperform the competition.

Digital Media Lead Provider

Automotive sales live and die by the success of marketing campaigns. If you’re not seeing the sales you want at your dealership, it’s time to explore something different. Let us assist you in creating targeted automotive direct mail in Las Vegas, NV, along with digital marketing campaigns and social media pushes that get people into your dealership, ready to buy.

We specialize in a full scope of advertising mediums, including SEO and SEM for your dealership’s online presence, geofencing alerts, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)and much more. We also offer convenient packages that address specific channels

  • Digital Marketing (Social Media and Email) $14,999
  • Direct Mail Marketing $7999
  • Digital and Mail Marketing $24999

Inquire About Our Services

Looking for a way to boost engagement and sales at your next automotive event? Contact the marketing experts at 4
Square Motor Sports and let us provide you with a strategy for success. Reach us today at 312-203-9033 to start planning for your next event.


Event Staffing

With the ability to staff up to 100 trained professionals to your next event, we’re here to support you as you expand your dealership’s notoriety and sales net. We can provide sales staff and managers (Desk Manager, Finance Manager, Closers, etc.) and arewilling to work dealer eventsto bring customers to your dealership.Just let us know what your need for qualified personnel is and we’ll ensure it’s met, with results that speak for themselves

Training Services

Does your staff lack the skills to properly close the deal? Having problems attracting new buyers, despite great markdowns and competitive dealership advantages? Proper staff training goes a long way towards boosting your numbers and improving your conversion rate.

We offer sales and store management training to help you better position your dealership for success. Let our knowledgeable experts teach your staff how to sell cars and close deals, and teach you how to best support them.